Safety Health Quality And Environment Courses

PHS1 Public Health Service Management and Administration 1
ASP1 Applying SHE Principles and Procedures 1
DM1 Disaster Management 1
DQM Developing Quality Manuals ISO 9000: 2008 1
SAT SHE Awareness Training 1
QAT Quality Awareness Training 1
COI1 Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases 1
EPP1 Emergency Preparedness and Planning 1
EP1 Environmental Perspectives 1
OHS1 Occupational Health and Safety Management 1
HSF1 Health and Safety file 1
HIRI Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment 1
INC1 Incident Investigation 1
JSA1 Job Safety Analysis 1
MHC1 Management of Hazardous Chemical Substances 1
MIRI Management of Incidents and Root cause Analysis Techniques 1
PII1 Preliminary Incident Investigation 1
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