Procurement And Supply Chain Tailored Course

ST1 Strategic Sourcing 1 week
DCP1 Developing Contracts in Procurement and Supply Chain Management 1 week
CB1 Corporate Buying 1 week
BT1 BEE and Tenders 1 week
GS1 Global Sourcing 1 week
ENP1 Effective Negotiation in Procurement and Supply 1 week
MPP1 Measuring Purchasing Performance 1 week
FP1 Finance for Purchasers 1 week
CP1 Categories of Procurement 1 week
PFI1 Production Planning and Control (MPS; MRP; MRPII & ERP) 1 week
ETP1 Effective Tender Preparation and Evaluation Techniques 1 week
EPM1 E-Procurement & EPC Contract Management 1 week
NCM1 NEC 3 Contract Management 1 week
PQ1 Procurement Quality Assurance 1 week
SAP1 Supplier Appraisal and Performance Management 1 week
MCP1 Managing Corruption in Procurement and Supply Chain Management 1 week
Combating Corruption in Procurement and Supply 1 week
Bid Specification 1 week
Bid Evaluation 1 week
How to develop Safety, Health and Environmental Manuals 1 week
Principles of Supplier Relationship Management 1 week
Storage and distribution in supply chains 1 week
Finance for procurement professionals 1 week
Risk Management in procurement and supply chains 1 week
Inventory and supply Operations 1 week
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