Finance Courses


IFM1 Introduction to Financial Management 1
IFM2 International Financial Management 1
AFN1 Advanced Financial Management 1
FAP1 Financing Agreements in Project Finance 1
 FRM1 Finance, Risk Management and Corporate Governance 1
FCA1 Financial Control and Accountability in the Public Service 1
FMD1 Financial Management for Donor Funded Project in Africa 1
IFMB1  Introduction to Financial Management and Budgeting 1
IFNF1 Introduction to Finance for Non-Financial Managers 1
FMPS1 Financial Management for Public Sector Management 1
FM1 Financial Markets 1
FAF1 Financial Analysis & Forecasting 1
FSA1 Financial Skills & Accountability for Administrative Purposes 1
FCA1 Financial crimes and anti-money laundering strategies 1
IFP1 Introduction to Financial Planning 1
IFI1 Introduction to Financial investments 1
MFMA1 Municipality Financial Management in Africa  1
MIA1 Management of Internal Audit Function 1
MPD1 Microfinance Policy Development 1
MF1 Macro finance 1
MA1 Mergers & Acquisitions 1
MPF1 Monetary Policy Formulation and Implementation 1
MSC1 Managing Securities and Capital Markets 1
BPM1 Budgetary and Public Expenditure Management 1
BPE1 Budget Planning , Forecasting  and modeling 1
BFS1 Budgeting, Financial Strategy & Business Value 1
CF1 Corporate Finance 1
CRM1 Credit Risk Management in Trade Finance 1
CFM1 Cash Flow Management & Working Capital Optimization 1
CCD1 Credit Control and Debt Management 1
CDM Credit and Debt Management 1
CMA Credit Management and Administration 1
CBM1 Central Bank and Monetary Policy Management 1
RBA1 Risk Based Approach to Financial Auditing 1
RMS1 Risk Management Strategies In The Public Sector 1
RFI1 Roles of Financial Institutions 1
RMF1 Risk Management and Financial Analysis in the  Banks 1
BAF1 Banks Auditing Financial Statements 1
SBS1 Supervision of the banking sector and anti-money laundering strategies 1
SPE1 Strategic Planning, Effective Budgeting & Cost Control 1
PF1 Procurement Financial 1
PFM1 Project Finance Modeling 1
PFS1 Pension Fund Strategy 1
PSC1 Public Service Cash Flow, Credit and Debt Management 1
PFNW1 Personal Financial Management/Wealth Management 1
PPP1 Public Private Partnership Financial Modeling in Africa 1
PSF1 Public Sector Finance for Non-Financial Managers 1
APFM2 Pension Funds Management 1
APSF1 Public Sector Financial Management 1
PSF2 Public Financial Management: Reporting & Audit 1
ALM1 Asset & Liability Management 1
APR1 Accounts Payable And Account Receivable 1
ADF1 Accounting for Derivatives and other Financial Instruments 1
ACA1 Advanced Company Analysis, Valuation & Financial Modeling 1
APR1 Accounts Payable, Receivables and Credit Management 1
ATS1 Auditing Techniques for Senior Auditors 1
TM1 Treasury Management 1
TPF1 Tax Policy, Fiscal Analysis and Revenue Forecasting 1
TMA1 Taxation Methodologies and Analysis 1
IAC1 Internal Auditing, Compliance and Risk Management 1
SSF1 Spreadsheet Skills for Finance Personnel 1
ITA1 International Tax Aspects of Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate 1
IFM1 International Financial Markets 1
IPS1 International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) 1
IFR1 International Financial Reporting Standards 1
IFO1 Investment Fund Operations 1
CAF1 Computerized Application in Finance and Accounting 1
CPR1 Competition and Price Regulation Strategy 1
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