May 4, 2020


Information is the lifeblood to all organisations, without it, it would be severely impacted and ultimately cease to function. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. With an ever changing climate of technology and threats (both technical and human), the need for trained security personnel to protect our information becomes an increasingly critical evolutionary task. The effective management of IT security goes beyond the design of effective strategies. Rigorous and consistent application of policy and methods are crucial to the cyber security of modern organisations. This course allows you to exhibit expertise in Information Systems Security allowing you to gain the knowledge and skills that are required to be able to design, develop, apply, and manage a security program to prevent malicious cyber-attacks. The course aims to supply delegates with a theory-based approach to learning the Information Systems security process and how to apply this process practically to real-life scenarios.


  • To become able to explain various Information security threat and controls for it.
  • To become able to analyze a security incidents and design countermeasures.
  • To become able to explain information security incident response.
  • To become able to explain the usage of Common Key cryptography and Public Key cryptography.
  • To become able to explain the mechanism to protect confidentiality and completeness of data