June 22, 2020


  • Did you know that it is estimated that fraud cost the world economy more than 3 trillion dollars in 2018?
  • Would you know if fraud was occurring in your organisation now?
  • Do you know what the major fraud risks are in your business?
  • Does your organisation have a fraud prevention strategy?
  • Do you have a formal programme to tackle the risk posed by fraud?
  • Do you have the use of any automated fraud detection techniques?
  • If fraud is suspected do you have a clearly defined approach for managing the investigation

Fraud Prevention, Detection and Investigation will help you to:

  • Evaluate the likely frequency of cost of fraud in your organisation
  • Develop a world-class fraud prevention programme
  • Assess fraud scenarios by means of actual fraud cases
  • Target key areas of fraud with proven detection techniques
  • Significantly reduce the opportunities for corruption


  • Evaluate and challenge management’s fraud risks
  • Understand how a fraudster thinks
  • Apply successful techniques to help prevent fraud
  • Promote an effective fraud prevention process
  • Adopt data mining as a fraud prevention and detection tool
  • Apply an effective fraud investigation process
  • Apply audit skills to fraud investigation
  • Spot when someone is not telling you the truth